Primus Valor Group facts and figures

  • Founded in 2007
  • Over 1 billion total investment
  • 100+ staff
  • More than 7,500 residential units under proprietary property management
  • Around 4,000 residential units under management
  • Real estate in over 100 locations
  • Company head office in Mannheim, a branch office in Crailsheim
  • Focus on the acquisition of affordable housing in German regional and district centers
  • Direct investments in photo voltaic systems and management of them
  • Affiliated company: fully regulated capital management company Alpha Ordinatum



Current investment: ImmoChance Deutschland 11 Renovation Plus

Due to the success of its predecessor, the ICD 11 R+ fund, our fifth alternative investment fund (AIF for short), will start directly with a limited partner’s capital of 40 million euros to be placed; participation is expected to be possible until December 31, 2022.

With Fund No. 11, we remain true to our investment strategy of the ICD series, which has proven itself over the past 15 years: This strategy comprises the purchase, optimization and sale of (existing) residential properties in high-return districts and regional centers nationwide. The broad diversification across numerous individual properties in various locations throughout Germany and the systematic enhancement of the fund portfolio through energy-efficient refurbishment and optimization not only generate a return that is largely independent of the market, but also preserve and create affordable living space.

Placement period endet Dec. 31 2022, final equity is EUR 118 million.

The fund data at a glance

  • Closed public AIF
  • Purchase of residential real estate in German district and regional centers
  • Increases in property rents and value planned due to active renovation and refurbishment measures
  • Immediate payout if property is sold prematurely (no reinvestment)
  • Base scenario of projected payouts:
    4.25 % p. a. for 2021 – 2023, 4.75 % p. a. for 2024 – 2025 and
    5.00 % p. a. for 2026 – 2027, 114.73 % for 2028
  • Projected total return: 141.17 % plus trade tax credit
  • Placement period: until Dec. 31, 2022, with extension option until Dec. 31, 2023
  • Forecast total term up to the end of the seventh year after the placement period has ended; by shareholder resolution with more than 50% of the votes cast, extension of up to three years is possible
  • Equal interests of investors and management through profit sharing when the prospectus forecast has been achieved
  • Minimum stake of €10,000 • Agio of 3 percent

* Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future performance
** Including repayment of the invested equity capital; based on the limited liability capital without agio; pro rata temporis for the year in which the payment claim occurs

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Primus Valor is the issuing house with the strongest growth in Germany

As the Cash-Online industry service reveals in its annual ranking, with its placement of the ICD 8 alone, Primus Valor is the issuing house with the strongest growth in all of Germany. By a whopping 385 percent, the 2017 result exceeds that of the previous year impressively. Among the providers of fully regulated products (AIF), the issuing house is ranked seventh at €51.0 million.

Active real estate management

The name Renovation Plus says it all

The real estate portfolios purchased by the management of Primus Valor are rock solid, but usually not yet perfect. They can be further optimized by a variety of renovation measures as well as new buildings or extensions. This provides the opportunity to achieve additional returns, regardless of general market trends.

Foto Primus Valor Aktives Immobilienmanagement
Placement Period Investment Actual Value
03.2007-01.2008 G.P.P.1 325,00 %
12.2007-08.2010 G.P.P.2 259,50 %
12.2008-05.2010 G.P.P.3 311,50 %
09.2010-08.2012 G.P.P.4 69,00 %
07.2012-10.2013 ICD 5 R+* 136,50 %
07.2014-03.2015 ICD 6 – Die Anleihe* 117,25 %
03.2015-04.2016 ICD 7 R+* 135,50 %
02.2017-05.2018 ICD 8 R+ 48,00 %
07.2018-12.2019 ICD 9 R+ 15,50 %
01.2020-05.2021 ICD 10 R+ 7,00 %
from 07.2021 ICD 11 R+ 4,25 %

* already dissolved

Payout history

All the previously launched real estate investments meet or exceed their forecast

Stable and high payouts characterize all Primus Valor real estate investments. In particular, the results of the two previous Renovation Plus funds are remarkable. The ICD 5 R+ was dissolved again around three years after the end of the placement phase. The return was at least 11 percent per annum. The payout of the ICD 7 R+ is more than 60 percent two years after closing the fund due to the sales of the Wetzlar, Rheine and Crailsheim real estate portfolios. Furthermore, more than 70 percent of the equity capital is invested.