Primus Valor issues fourth AIF: ImmoChance Deutschland 10 R+

Mannheim, 05. February 2020

- ICD 10 R+ issued since January 27, 2020 – initial equity of €30 million
- Predecessor ICD 9 R+ only recently placed early at equity of €100 million

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Primus Valor places “ImmoChance Deutschland 9 R+” prematurely

Mannheim, 12. December 2019

- With 100 million Euro in equity, ICD 9 R+ has already been placed - waiting list has been set up
- Successor fund ICD 10 R+ expected to be issued at the end of January 2020

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Primus Valor distributes more than €25 million in financial year 2019

Mannheim, 05. September 2019

- Distributions of all current issues amount to more than €25 million in 2019
- ICD 7 R+ with 50 percent payout to investors in the 4th quarter of 2019
- Total distributions of all launched investments in the plan or better

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Distributed dividend of 50 per cent for real estate AIF ImmoChance Deutschland 7 Renovation Plus (ICD 7 R+)

Mannheim, 29. July 2019

- ImmoChance Deutschland 7 Renovation Plus pays out 50 per cent dividend
- Total return so far is up to 115.5 per cent – the forecast 26 per cent clearly exceeded
- Current ICD 9 R+ issue receives its hitherto best AIF rating (AA+) from Dextro

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Primus Valor: ICD 7 Renovation Plus sells real estate portfolio for significantly more than €30 million

Mannheim, 24. July 2019

- Real estate packages in Siegen, Fulda and Lingen sold to institutional investor for more than €30 million
- Dissolution of the ICD 7 Renovation Plus fund planned within the next 12 months
- Low-cost purchase, exploitation of optimization potential and a flexible divestment strategy will continue to ensure success

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Swiss Life Asset Managers sells real estate portfolio with 93 properties in eleven German states

Mannheim, 21. May 2019

- The sale is one of the largest German residential property portfolio transactions of past months
- 1,800 rental units will be taken over by the Primus Valor group of companies
- The value of this transaction lies in the range of three-digit millions

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